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The moments we live for in our musical life.
I own none of the pictures, and I will be happy to take any or all of them down, if that is necessary for the peace of the world and/or this blog. :)

I know, I didn’t post yesterday. Sorry. Internet decided to kill itself - it thought nobody cared. WELL INTERNET WE CARE. WE CARE ABOUT YOU.


Anyway. Yeah.



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*whispers* submit submit submit… *keeps on whispering* it could be something tiny, just something musical that made you smile.. 

Tagged as: anna, life, submit,

I put ‘musical moments’ on the top of the last two - not sure why, just to make it more specific. :) What do you think? Yes or No or yes no or nono?



P.S. This is an evil reminder reminding you I adore submissions.

But yes or no?